What’s been happening at T.U.L.I.P.

Tumaini Ladies Integrational Program [TULIP] has continued its operations since Mary transitioned and handed it over to a new team and board. Tulip has continued to impact the lives of girls from informal settlements of Nairobi through discipleship and educational sponsorship. We moved our location to the Embakasi, graciously hosted by Lifespring Chapel. This provided us with a place we can meet with the girls, mentor and empower them within a faith community. We intergrated Tulip’s discipleship with the church youth programs.

11 Girls
This year we closed with 11 girls on the program.

Tulip Crew

We scaled down our intakes due to leadership transitions and a significant drop of sponsorship for the girls. Of the 11 girls one has just completed high school. In 2018, 3 girls will be graduating to the final year of high school and 7 will be moving on to Form 3 [The second last year of high school] [Check out some video profiles by clicking here]

We no longer have a full time Social Worker and the work is mainly done by volunteers. We endeavor to minimise administrative costs so that whatever we are able to raise in funds goes directly to meet the needs of the girls.

The success of Tulip Girl’s education solely depends on the generosity of well wishers. Currently we have 1 girl fully sponsored, 2 have potential sponsorship, 7 are yet to find sponsors.

On Average (fees vary slightly depending on school) it costs KES 60,000 ($600) per year to educate one girl. For the year 2018, we need sponsors for 7 girls. Any amount will help in making a difference. You can either give monthly, termly (there are 3 terms in a year) or one time gift of any amount.

See below for ways to give.

Banking Information
Bank Of Africa Kenya Limited
P.O Box 69562-00400 Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Shillings Account Number: 08404370009
US DOLLAR Account: 08404370012

You can also give my Mpesa PAYBILL: 808734 (ACC-Your Name)

You can reach us by email  tulip@life.or.ke


Megan & Anne’s Home and School Visits

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, over the open sewer.Image

Megan of Tulip USA has been in Nairobi to get in touch with Tulip Nairobi. I wonder what is going through her mind here.

Megan on a courtesy call to Miriam’s dad’s business place. Mr. Macharia moved to Imagethe city after the post election violence where he had lost everything. He is just picking up pieces of his life.

Below, Megan on the streets of Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums with a mother of one of the new girls who joined the project this yearImage.Faces of joy for receiving a visitor. This is probably a highlight in the life of the parent as well as Megan’s life.Image

Megan with Rebecca at Embakasi Girls School. Rebecca is sponsored by Tulip.


Back on the streets of Mukuru Kwa Njenga. Megan takes a stroll with a Tulip Parent.


A courtesy call to Purity’s Family.


Final Year Students’ Prayer Day

All year we have looked forward to the Summit Senior School prayer day. This is because the only final year students that Tulip supports are all in this school. We left on Saturday morning on the typically one hour journey to Maragua, a town in central Kenya. The journey took us longer that expected because of the road construction on Thika highway. We were undeterred from our objective of the day. Kelly and Eve came along and they were great company. Eve and Kelly are youth leaders at Lifespring Chapel.

Though we arrived late, we were received well. It would seem to us that Tulip had a reputation in the school that we would not have imagined. The girls were known to be generally disciplined and hard working. The girls cheered when we walked in. Clearly they were excited to see us.

There were presentation from the students done by Editar and Moraa, both Tulip girls and prefects in the school. The confidence with which they stood up there to speak made us proud. The program was filled with mirth and laughter as speaker after another recounted their experience with the exams. Each one was encouraged to do their best and leave the results to God.

For the girls, these exams mark their entry into tertiary education and perhaps a chance to unlock their potential. However, the encouragements seemed to point out to the fact that the key to their success lies in the Lord. They were each created unique and special with a destiny in Christ.

Join us in praying for them for

  • Good health during this month while they do the exam
  • Clarity and focus to complete well
  • They dreams and visions to be entrusted to Christ
  • The enemy will not snatch that which God has promised to them
Also pray for Tulip as we prepare for their holiday programs, fundraising for the existing students as well as a new intake planned for the new year. Pray also with thanksgiving for the support we have received from our partners locally and around the world.

Celebrating Success

A picture speaks a thousand words. A smile gives colour to the thousand words. Over the years, men and women have toiled and given towards putting a smile on the face of one other person in the world. We celebrate all you who have given. We would especially like to pay tribute to one visionary who would not give up, even at the hardest of time, for the hope of seeing these smiles. This pleasant highly trained woman with a great life ahead of her chose to move out of the comforts she had come to know. She moved, perhaps because her heart would not settle and be at peace. This is because she knew that another girl was going to be unhappy. Another girl would not have the chances she had. Another girl somewhere in the city would be under threat. Another girl’s life would not amount to much if someone did not intervene.

Mary Muthoni Munyi

Mary Muthoni, the founder of TULIP, became a Christian as a teenager, graduated from Nairobi University with a B.A. in Anthropology and developed a desire to impact girls from underprivileged situations for Christ.

After a voluntary mission with FOCUS in Norway, she joined a one-year internship at Nairobi Chapel in Kenya. During this year, she served in the social ministry of the Nairobi Chapel`s Tumaini churches which are situated in the slums of Nairobi. She also ministered in their medical clinics.

During this time, God opened her eyes to the plight of women and girls living under the oppression of poverty. She noted many single mothers, with little education or skills to provide for their families. Often these women engaged in vulnerable or dangerous practices to support themselves.

Trapped in the cycle of poverty, unable to attend school and lacking positive role models, their daughters would follow them into similar lifestyles. In response to this, after completing her internship, Mary began TULIP home in early 2002 to give refuge, rehabilitation and education-training for young girls in the slums.


There are many stories of Mary’s Children we will be sharing over time. Stories of hope and light at a place of despair and darkness. Follow us on the journey.